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Registration – 2:00 to 5:00, Fillmore Forum

Join us on the Theater Level to pick up your badge. It‘s just one escalator ride down from the lobby.

Cyara Ideathon – 2:00 to 5:00

Xchange 2019 begins with the return of our Ideathon session. Some called it an icebreaker, others a technical brainstorming session, and some felt it was the best networking opportunity at the conference. Most definitely, it will get your creative juices flowing as we invite you each to bring your coolest idea on how you use Cyara (or how you want to use Cyara) – with Cyara’s REST APIs and ability to invoke external web services as part of test cases execution, the sky is the limit.

There are no bad ideas and we’ll discuss anything you want to share, or simply listen as others share ideas that emerge on the spot. Feel free to send a slide or two prior to the session with – a picture is worth a thousand words. After going around the room and some vigorous discussions, this 3-hour session will culminate in awards for the very best ideas.

Space is limited, so register now.

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Logo Ideathon

Welcome Reception – 5:30 to 7:30, Sunset / Bayview, 36th Floor

All our conference attendees are cordially invited to join us on the 36th Floor of the Grand Hyatt San Francisco starting at 5:30pm until 7:30pm. The sweeping views of the Golden Gate Bridge to the Bay Bridge will be on full display between the Sunset and Bayview rooms. We’ve gone so far as to schedule sunset at 6:23pm. Bring your cameras – this is a photo opportunity.

Conference attendees can use this casual opportunity to mix and mingle with the Cyara team, along with old and new faces, while enjoying libations and nibbles. If you’re new to Cyara, ask a member of our team to introduce you to someone. You are not going to want to miss this kickoff networking event.

San Francisco View from Alcatraz
7:30am – Breakfast
8:30am – Main Stage
Alok Kulkarni

Leading Change in the Experience Economy

Alok Kulkarni | CEO and Co-Founder | Cyara

Customer Experience has never been more important. In every industry, companies are innovating and transforming the way they deliver convenient, personalized, and amazing experiences to their customers. Alok Kulkarni will be sharing key trends and how the world’s leading CX Assurance Platform is helping to accelerate and enable this change today and in the future.

9:00am – Main Stage
Todd Hauschildt

Optum-UnitedHealth Group: Making the Move to Omnichannel Experiences

Todd Hauschildt | CIO | Optum OmniChannel

Learn about UnitedHealth Group’s migration journey from legacy contact center infrastructure to an omnichannel platform. Todd Hauschildt will share insights into the obstacles overcome, lessons learned, and the strategy for completing a migration of this scale.

9:20am – Main Stage
Diego Lo Giudice

The 12 Must-Dos for Continuous Software Testing

Diego Lo Giudice | VP and Principal Analyst | Forrester

In the age of digital disruption teams need to develop software faster. Agile + DevOps becomes a must, and continuous delivery the goal. But faster delivery cannot come at the cost of lower quality. So how can teams continue to push for faster development without letting testing hinder their progress? The answer: continuous testing. Diego will introduce a dozen must-dos that will bring application development and delivery (AD&D) continuous testing practices up to speed.

10:00am – Main Stage
Mark Remington
Amy Hudson

Realizing the Promise of DevOps Automation — Walking Through the Desert to Find the Oasis

Mark Remington | Vice President of Application Services | Capital Group

Amy Hudson | Vice President, Global Discovery & Enablement | Cyara

With its focus on automation, DevOps promises great benefits. Organizations who adopt DevOps see improvements in both the speed of their development, as well as their quality. But, DevOps transformation doesn’t happen overnight. Successful DevOps adoption requires changes in culture, process and technology. This type of successful organizational change takes time. Join this session and hear from Capital Group how they are approaching this transformation, and the lessons they’ve learned so far.

10:30am – Break
11:00am – Breakout Rooms
Kyle ‘Rich’ Andrus
Jason Neuman
Mark Ryan

Accelerating Development and Improving Troubleshooting through Integrations

Kyle ‘Rich’ Andrus | Software Engineering Manager | Freedom Financial Network

Jason Neuman | Sr. Solution Engineer | Capital Group

Mark Ryan | Sr. Solutions Architect | Cyara

Cyara lives within a larger ecosystem of technology that drives the software development lifecycle, improves the quality of the developed software, streamlines the release process, and provides a means for rapid issue resolution. Join this session and hear from both Freedom Financial and Capital Group as they describe how they are leveraging Cyara APIs to extend the value of Cyara within their testing process. Freedom Financial will share how they have embedded Cyara into their CI/CD ecosystem enabling them to assure quality even as they automate and accelerate the release process. Capital Group will share how they are combining Cyara monitoring results with other data sources in Splunk to enable them to correlate different sources of information, improve troubleshooting, and resolve issues more quickly. We will also share with you some recent innovations Cyara has made to ensure we are effectively equipping our customers with even more capabilities to maximize the value of Cyara through broadening the range of “shrink wrapped” integrations and API functions.

Melanie Parker
Kelly Zunker

Jump Start Your Success with Test Automation: Best Practices for Early Wins

Melanie Parker | Senior Manager, Telecommunications | Wellcare

Kelly Zunker | Strategic Accounts Director | Cyara

You’ve made the investment in Cyara, and now you’re looking to get maximum value as quickly as possible. Join this session and hear how Wellcare was able to save hundreds of hours of time in just the first few months of using Cyara. Wellcare will share lessons learned and best practices from their successful fast start.

12:00pm – Lunch
1:00pm – Breakout Rooms
Sean Rabago
Chad Hendren

Tales from the Field: Real World Experiences in Agile & DevOps Adoption

Sean Rabago | Delivery Lead/Scrum Master | AT&T

Chad Hendren | Director: Discovery, Enablement, and Domain Consulting for the Americas | Cyara

From increased competitiveness, to better quality, the benefits of Agile and DevOps are numerous. But, transforming your organization to use Agile and DevOps methodologies isn’t a simple matter. In this session, you will hear from hands-on IT practitioners with real world experience driving Agile/DevOps transformations in their organizations. You’ll hear lessons learned, and best practices.

Crystal Humphrey
David Inglis

Testing Omnichannel Journeys — Phone, SMS, and Visual IVRs

Crystal Humphrey | Senior Systems Engineer – Voice/Data Network | Agero

David Inglis | Sr. Solutions Architect | Cyara

Agero is a leading provider of driving solutions, including roadside assistance, accident management, consumer affairs and telematics. Join this session and learn about the innovative journey, spanning phone, SMS and a visual IVR, that Agero has designed for their mobile callers in high stress situations. Learn how Agero uses Cyara to test this customer journey holistically, and assure that they are able to consistently deliver a customer experience that addresses the customers complex need under the most trying of circumstances.

2:00pm – Breakout Rooms
Lyndon Macasiljig
Roy Critchfield
Mark Ryan

Testing from Self-service through to Agent Assisted Service

Lyndon Macasiljig | Manager Quality Engineering | eBay

Roy Critchfield | Software Engineer, Quality | eBay

Mark Ryan | Sr. Solutions Architect | Cyara

No matter how much you invest in an automated system to service your customers, there are some tasks that require an agent. How do you know that when your agent receives a customer call, all of the necessary information arrived with the call? How do you know the call was routed properly? How do you know that if the call needs to be transferred, the caller’s information will accompany the transfer to the subsequent agent? How will you know? You test! This breakout will introduce you to the agent testing process being utilized at eBay in order to answer all of these questions and more.

Gauthier Delmee

Effectively Managing Your Test Data

Gauthier Delmee | Product Owner | Cyara

To test and monitor a sophisticated CX requires that you test the data calls your systems perform. To avoid exposing sensitive, private data, you need test data. But managing test data is one of the thorniest issues for testing and monitoring. Join this session to learn how others are tackling this issue and share your inputs on what Cyara can do to help solve make it easier.

3:00pm – Break
3:30pm – Main Stage
Merijn te Booij

Horizons of Radical Unreasonable Ideas

Merijn te Booij | Chief Marketing Officer | Genesys

Change is happening at a pace we have never witnessed before. Exponential technologies, demographic shifts, the drive for unparalleled speed in go to market and increasingly picky and enabled customers are all coming together in 1 experience, a human one. How do we create balance in this flood of change and make every moment really count? How do we make our employees the guide of hero customers? Why you should not confuse segmentation with personalization and whether AI become really human are some of the topics Merijn will try to conquer.

4:00pm – Main Stage
Charlene Li

The Disruption Mindset: Why Some Organizations Transform While Others Fail

Charlene Li | Founder & CEO | Altimeter, A Prophet Company

Many companies make “disruption” their goal. They believe if they just develop the right innovation, they will disrupt their markets forever and drive the kind of growth worthy of a magazine cover story. But that’s not how disruption works. Disruption doesn’t create growth; growth creates disruption. While growth is always hard, disruptive growth is exponentially harder. It requires companies to make tough decisions in the face of daunting uncertainties: Should we bet our company’s future on the next-generation customer or today’s reliable one? Should we abandon our current business model for an entirely new one? Disruption demands bold leadership and, often, massive cultural transformation. To be on the right side of that disruption requires having a growth strategy that aligns the entire organization around the future customer experience, as well as the leadership and culture to execute that strategy.

5:00pm – Foyer
Charlene Li - The Disruption Mindset book

Charlene Li Booksigning

Charlene Li | Founder & CEO | Altimeter, A Prophet Company

Charlene will be signing her latest book, The Disruption Mindset: Why Some Organizations Transform While Others Fail.

6:30pm – China Live SF

Xtravaganza Dinner at China Live SF | 644 Broadway, San Francisco, California 94133 | 415-788-8188

Join us for an evening Xtravaganza of elevated Chinese cuisine and entertainment at China Live. Located in the historic Chinatown District, China Live was named “one of the world‘s greatest places” by TIME and “one of the five must eats in San Francisco” by Visit California. Enjoy exceptional dim sum, reimagined seasonal dishes inspired from diverse regions of China, specialty cocktails and an unforgettable cultural and gastronomic experience. Dress code is smart casual.

7:30am – Breakfast
8:30am – Main Stage
James Isaacs

Opening Remarks

James Isaacs | President | Cyara

Start the second day with an engaging review of the best practices that we learned during day one of the conference. Plus, James will outline what to expect for day two with a continuation on the topics of disruption, innovation, automation, and strategies for delivering exceptional CX.

8:45am – Main Stage
Joe Eisner
James Isaacs

Disruption Mindset in Action: A Case Study with AWS and Amazon Connect

Joe Eisner | Global Partner Lead | Amazon Connect

James Isaacs | President | Cyara

If there is any company in the world that brings to mind disruption, it is Amazon. In this session, we’ll hone in on some of Amazon’s key leadership principles and how they’ve enabled Amazon to make their way into so many industries, including the contact center industry. We’ll also hear directly about AWS’ decision to offer a cloud contact center solution, and key things for enterprises to consider as they look to customer experience as a means to differentiate from new and disruptive competitors.

9:15am – Main Stage
Mike Monegan

Cyara’s Road Ahead

Mike Monegan | VP Product Management

Cyara’s investments in product breadth, depth and ease of use are planned for the year ahead. Join this session and hear about Cyara’s roadmap objectives for the coming year, including DevOps integrations, agent simulation for cloud-based contact centers, data analytics, design-driven testing and test data management. Mike will also describe Cyara’s approach to some new exciting areas, such as chatbots assurance and NL IVR conversational testing.

10:00am – Break
10:30am – Breakout Rooms
Mark Downing

Ford Motor Credit

Norm Kayserman

Testing Approaches to Natural Language Understanding

Mark Downing | Contact Center Telephony Application Management | Ford Motor Credit

Norm Kayserman | Sr. Solutions Architect | Cyara COE

Your company is adopting Natural Language Understanding in your callflows. NLU reduces the complexity to your customer. But how do you reduce the complexity of testing and ensure customers arrive to the correct agents? Join this session and learn how Ford took a data driven approach to testing their NLU implementation. By defining standardized approach to call management and leveraging various data sources, Ford was able test the new flows with minimal effort. With these successes, Ford is on track to expand the adoption of NLU and has the confidence that they can deliver solutions rapidly and ensure customers reach the correct agents, each and every time.

Meena Vishnampet
Chandra Golla

Best Practices in Test Automation throughout the Software Development Lifecycle

Meena Vishnampet | Sr. Director of PSG | [24]

Chandra Golla | Senior Lead Consultant | Cyara

Test automation holds great promise for accelerating development cycles and improving quality. And, there are many points in the development process where testing will take place. From unit testing to functional and regression testing during development, to load and performance testing before go-live, to CX monitoring once in production. Join this session and hear how to take a holistic approach to automated CX testing across the entire software development lifecycle. This session will feature tips & tricks as well as best practices, so attend and improve your automation game.

11:30am – Breakout Rooms
Ted Liu
Lynn Teague
Elizabeth Magill

Considering Best Practices in Migrating Your Contact Center to the Cloud

Ted Liu | Director of Solutions Engineering | Voxai Solutions

Lynn Teague | Director, Strategic Accounts | VoiceFoundry

Elizabeth Magill | Product Manager | Cyara

If you are considering migrating your contact center to the cloud, this is the session for you. In this interactive session, you will hear from experts from Voxai and Voice Foundry, two systems integrators who specialize in cloud migrations. You’ll hear answers to such questions as: What are the most common drivers to moving to the cloud? What are the biggest benefits? What surprises have you encountered in cloud migrations? What considerations should you have when planning your migration? What are the pitfalls and gotchas? Join this session and learn from experts in the field

Nivedita Tripathi
Daniel Haynes

Developer Central: Your One-Stop Shop for Integrations to Your Technology Ecosystem

Nivedita Tripathi | Product Manager | Cyara

Daniel Haynes | Technical Writer | Cyara

Accelerated customer experience development can be achieved by introducing efficiencies in your system. Customers can integrate their IT Operations, DevOps, and Defect Tracking systems with Cyara and achieve increased productivity, significantly reduce wasted time and cost and create an environment ripe for accelerated growth. Developer Central is your one-stop reference spot that provides in-depth knowledge on Cyara supported integrations and enables you to set up your integration successfully. Join this session and learn about the content available on Developer Central today, and how it will grow with you in the future to enable you to make best use of Cyara APIs and other integration resources.

12:15pm – Lunch
1:00pm – Main Stage
Gaurav Agrawal
Lorena Chiu
Linda Chen

Disruption – the Good, the Bad and the Transformative

Gaurav Agrawal | Sr. Director, Engineering and Development | eBay

Lorena Chiu | Vice President, Line of Business Services, Global IT | Oracle

Linda Chen | Chief Marketing Officer | Cyara

Because of the speed of technological and social change in today‘s world, disruption is a reality that all organizations face. It can be seen in a positive light, or a negative one. Join this session to hear from a panel of technology leaders on how they’ve embraced the opportunities that come with disruption. This panel will cover topics including overcoming the challenges of change, leading teams during times of uncertainty, and best practices for creating an agile and resilient culture.

1:45pm to 2:00pm – Main Stage
Alok Kulkarni

Closing Remarks

Alok Kulkarni | CEO and Co-Founder | Cyara

2:30pm to 5:00pm – Optional Training – Sequoia

Automated Testing and Your DevOps Ecosystem

It has never been more important for brands to deliver a quality customer experience from day one. To innovate quickly and assure quality in their customer experience initiatives, many enterprises have turned to the DevOps methodology for their software development. In this hands-on session, learn how the Cyara CX Assurance Platform aligns with your DevOps practice and helps accelerate development throughout the process—from design through testing and monitoring. You’ll also learn how you can leverage Cyara integrations to DevOps solutions for design, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD), and maintenance to assure the quality of your CX.

Cyara Training is complimentary to all Xchange 2019 attendees but you must register.

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8:00am-4:00pm – Optional Training

VoiceFoundry & Cyara Present: Amazon Connect Bootcamp

A sponsored AWS Bootcamp is an opportunity to dive deep into the benefits of deploying the Amazon Connect cloud-based contact center solution. The goal of this course is to provide you with a complete understanding of the core concepts related to the provisioning, configuration and management of Amazon Connect. This course will equip you with a general knowledge of the various AWS services leveraged by Amazon Connect as well as knowledge of available integration methods to CRM, WFM and execution of Lambda functions in order to create call-flow integrations. Cyara will demonstrate how we can help with the initial migration as well as test automation.

Amazon Connect Bootcamp is complimentary to all Xchange 2019 attendees but you must register.

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